Not a guide for starting fires

(at least not right now)

Howdy, all!

Welcome to Firestarter’s Guide to Gear, Trails, and General Recklessness.

After the eighth time explaining how the scariest encounter I had on the Appalachian Trail was with a porcupine, and after helping multiple people on el Camino adjust their load lifters on their packs to carry weight appropriately, I decided it would be easier to just write it all down online for anyone to reference. 

I am passionate about gear, the outdoors, and walking in the woods. My goal for this site is to review the gear and trails I love (and loathe), offer quick packing lists, provide tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and entertain with a story or two.

Please note: I receive ZERO money or perks from this blog. All the gear mentioned was purchased at retail (or seasonal sale) value, and I think the only thing I’ve ever gotten for free was a bumper sticker.

I appreciate your patience as I work on getting content posted. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see, or any questions, please contact me (contact link is at the top of the site).

Happy trails, Buen Camino, and all that jazz.

first blog
Somewhere in Maine, Appalachian Trail, late August 2016


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