Trail Tip: Duct tape

The fix for everything

Tip: Never go into the woods without duct tape. The end.

Here are some ways that I and others on trail use this miracle product: 

  1. Prevent (or help ease rubbing of) blisters
  2. Repair broken tent pole or trekking pole
  3. Patch tent, pack, sleeping bag, etc.
  4. Repair leaky hydration reservoirs and bottles
  5. Seal open food items
  6. Hold sole to shoe
  7. Secure over cloth for makeshift bandaid
  8. Patch rain gear and other clothing
  9. Fix broken glasses frames

On the A.T. alone, I had to do #1-6; I saw instances of the others multiple times.

There are a lot of other uses, of course; these are just the ones I’ve seen or used first-hand. Don’t bring an entire roll of duct tape. Instead, wrap several feet around a lighter, pen, trekking pole, water bottle, etc.

duct tape candle
The closest thing to a birthday cake for my boyfriend I could manage…



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