Gear Review: Luci EMRG

Look on the bright side

I first saw the LUCI light on the Appalachian Trail. (Sounds like some old outdoors gospel song…) There were only four people in the shelter one evening, and a woman asked if everyone was OK with her hanging a light in the shelter for a while – to be turned off before hiker midnight (9 pm), of course.  

She had the Luci Color (multiple color options). I was so impressed with how much light it gave off, the minimal weight, and the solar charging that I knew I would be buying one when I got back to the real world.

I bought the smaller Luci EMRG model from a local outfitter. It’s the perfect size and weight. I don’t need fancy colors, although there is a red light that pulses S.O.S.; there is a white light S.O.S. as well. It is easy to inflate and deflate, and has a plastic strap across the top so you can clip it to your pack with a carabiner to charge it in the sun. (When I use it for truck living, I just let it sit on my dashboard as I drive.) It was affordable and has come in handy with both backpacking and living out of the back of my truck on long trips.

luci truck
The Luci EMRG is small but lights up the entire truck bed (ignore the mess!). I hang it from a curtain clip glued to the ceiling.

This is the perfect inexpensive gift to give the outdoor junkie in your life – and the smaller one fits perfectly in a Christmas stocking (hint hint)!

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