Gear Review: Buck Metro knife

A.K.A. beer opener

I bought the Buck Metro a few years ago after my A.T. mentor The Missing Link mentioned it was the only knife he carried. I love this knife! I keep this as my everyday knife and take my small swiss army knife on backpacking trips where I may need more functionality.  


  • Lightweight – only 1.5 oz.
  • Compact
  • Attaches to my keychain
  • Affordable
  • Doubles as a bottle opener!


  • The blade is rather short – 1.125 in. (But it’s sharp!)
  • The green color makes it hard to find in the grass when dropped (I believe it comes in a burnt orange color as well, so that may be a wiser choice)

And what may be viewed as a pro or con, depending on taste: It’s only double purpose (knife and bottle opener) – there are definitely no bells and whistles.

I went to the Buck Knives website but it looks like they may no longer make this fantastic little knife. It’s also not available on Amazon or at outfitters, but a quick Google search can help you find this knife (like on MidwayUSA).

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