New year, new gear, new goals

2018 is going to rock, y’all!

Happy 2018!!!

I hope everyone got some shiny new gear from their wish list this holiday season. And since winter is still a great time to backpack (no bugs, less people, plenty of water), I hope some of you have already made plans to play with your new toys and gear outside soon. 

I’ve been remiss in my blogging due to some health issues (remember, mostly dead is slightly alive), but I’m feeling stronger everyday and can’t wait to climb again and get out into the woods in a few weeks.

It may be cliché, but I’m one of those folks who makes New Year’s resolutions. Some I keep, some fall by the wayside in an embarrassingly brief amount of time. One year I had the goal of not setting any goals – I recognized the irony even then. This year, I have a few goals that tie in with my biggest passion – experiencing the outdoors in lots of ways.

This is important for me, because I’m not independently wealthy and I work a M-F, 8-5 job like several of you. I’m in an office all day, sitting on conference calls, stressing about progress, handling difficult clients, and missing all daylight in the winter. If I don’t get outdoors, I get incredibly stir crazy and grumpy.

Here are a few goals I’m trying to keep this year to inspire me to A) stay employed so I can pay the bills and finance adventures, and B) not drive my boyfriend, family, and friends crazy.

  • Publish at least one Firestarter’s Guide post every week (barring another fun journey of 40% blood loss, this should be at least physically doable)
  • Regularly climb 5.11 or greater
  • Learn how to fly fish
  • Become an ambassador for an outdoor organization or product

I’d love to hear any fun outdoor goals that you’ve made for 2018 – maybe they’ll even inspire a post! (See bullet #1…)

Best wishes for health, peace, and happiness throughout this upcoming year!

Love, Firestarter


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