Trail Review: Devils Backbone Loop (#32)

Stop and smell all the things

I’ll admit – I wasn’t impressed for the first few steps of this trail. It felt kind of vanilla – just another wooded trail in middle Tennessee. By the end, it was one of my absolute favorite trails in a while.

I recommend this easy trail for anyone needing to just go for a walk in the woods. Go to clear your head. Go to get away from the city and the noise. Go alone and meditate as you walk, one foot in front of the other. The trail is clear and easy to follow.


Moka and I went on a Sunday, and never saw another person. We took our time, stopping to enjoy the cool breeze that winded through the trees that shaded the trail. It was a warm day. There is a stream you can cross over via a wooden plank, but I encourage you to step down to the stream and rest for a bit. Moka enjoyed a nice drink; I watched a crawdad dart in and out of the shelter of rocks in the stream.

Crawdad in the center

There were a few sloping ascents and descents, and you need to watch out on the descents because there is some loose gravel and I had to catch myself a few times. There were ticks on trail, so I recommend spraying your shoes and socks with permethrin. The 2.7-mile loop took us about 1 hr 15 minutes, but we stopped and enjoyed the scenery and creek and there were so many things for Moka to smell. 🙂

So. Many. Smells.

The trailhead isn’t marked with a large sign, but Google Maps will take you straight there. The lot has plenty of parking. Also, since this is off of the Natchez, make sure you’ve got enough fuel to go there and back because gas stations are few and far between. But still take a a stop in Santa Fe (pronounced “Santa Fee” by folks in the area) at the Netts Country Store & Deli one-pump gas station and support this small business.


All in all, it was an incredibly relaxing excursion, and is the perfect getaway for a few hours.

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