60 Hikes Within 60 Miles

Appreciate your own back yard

There’s a wonderful book series called 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles. I bought one years ago for Nashville, and one when I moved to Denver.

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Nashville is a fantastic guide to nearby trails in the middle Tennessee area. Written by Johnny Molloy, it includes a map of where the trails are in middle Tennessee, individual trail maps, mileage, conditions, level of traffic, directions to the trailhead, and more. I’ve used this guide book for years (I have the second edition; the most recent is the fourth edition), and I’ve decided to write reviews for all 60 trails within this book. I’ll also be doing a few trails from other editions.

Trail reviews that are part of my 60 hikes goal can be found on this site under the 60 hikes menu. I’ll also be placing a number at the end of each post title to denote the trail number in the 60 hikes book (again, defaulting to second edition).

Some trails I’ve already done, but not written about, so I’ll be hiking them again. Moka will probably tag along for most of them, and Minnie for some. 🙂

Here are some previous entries that are part of the 60 hikes:

Trail Review: Radnor Lake trails (#5)

Trail Review: Twin Forks Trail (#48)

Trail Review: Mossy Ridge Trail at Percy Warner Park (#9)

Trail Review: Volunteer Trail at Long Hunter State Park (#15)

Trail Review: Barfield Crescent Park trails (#39)

Trail Review: Beaman Park (#23)

Trail Review: Bells Bend Loop (#17, 3rd ed.)

Trail Review: Devils Backbone Loop (#32)


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