Finance List: Appalachian Trail costs

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The questions I’ve been asked most about the Appalachian Trail:

  1. You did the whole thing? How long did it take you?
  2. How did you get the time to do it?
  3. How much did it cost?

I want to tackle question #3 in this post. The answer: the cost depends on the hike. Hike your own hike refers to more than just your speed; it encompasses all the decisions.   Continue reading “Finance List: Appalachian Trail costs”

List: Trail Etiquette

Don’t be that guy.

In the words of M*A*S*H’s Major Frank Burns, “It’s nice to be nice… to the nice.”

A lot of trail etiquette is the same we use everyday – treating others politely and taking care of our surroundings. Here’s a list of certain “rules” and tips for keeping proper trail etiquette on the Appalachian Trail, el Camino, other long trails, and in your local park.  Continue reading “List: Trail Etiquette”

Gear Review: Patagonia Thermal Bottoms

O Holey Tights

I bought the Patagonia Women’s Capilene Thermal Weight Bottoms for my AT thru-hike as camp pants in the winter. There are so many great things about these bottoms (great fit, really comfy, don’t hold odor), but I can’t recommend them for one reason: the seam quality – once you get a hole, it’s over, folks.   Continue reading “Gear Review: Patagonia Thermal Bottoms”

Gear Review: Hydro Flask water bottle

Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle – 18 fl. oz.

My Hydro Flask is my go-everywhere water bottle. I purchased it back in December for a winter backpacking trip, and I’m in love. (The picture is from this weekend on the lake. The blue bottle and yellow kayak were too pretty of a picture to pass up!)

Why I love it:  Continue reading “Gear Review: Hydro Flask water bottle”