(Water) Trail Review: the Narrows of the Harpeth River

Perfect for a beginner (or lazy) water lover!

Today was my first time inner tubing the Narrows of the Harpeth, but I’ve kayaked it before. Other than the speed at which I moved, there was little difference between the tubing and kayaking experiences.

The Narrows of the Harpeth is part of the Harpeth River State Park. If you put-in/take-out at the standard spots, it’s a 5.5-mile float (or paddle) down a Class 1 river.   Continue reading “(Water) Trail Review: the Narrows of the Harpeth River”

Gear Review: Intex Inner Tube

Intex River Run Connect Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 51″ X 49.5″

My friend invited a handful of people to join her for a day of tubing on a nearby river for her birthday, which is a brilliant celebration idea. I had never gone tubing with a group of people, and didn’t own an inner tube. My friend recommended the Intex River Run Connect Float, and everyone bought it. I don’t have anything to compare it to in my experience, so take this review with a large grain of salt.  Continue reading “Gear Review: Intex Inner Tube”