First trail run of 2018

Humility, mud, and what I wore

For the first day in what seems like forever, the weather got into the high 50s/low 60s and the sun was shining. It was a perfect Saturday morning. I went trail running at Percy Warner, a route I’ve done many times, but this time was different: I ran my slowest time ever.  Continue reading “First trail run of 2018”

Gear Review: The North Face Thermoball

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

There is one piece of gear that goes with me everywhere: my North Face Thermoball full-zip jacket. On the A.T., Camino, short backpacking trips, day hikes, ski trips, snowshoeing, and around town, this is in my pack or I’m wearing it. I’ve had it for three years, and it’s still my go-to item.  Continue reading “Gear Review: The North Face Thermoball”

Gear Review: Patagonia Thermal Bottoms

O Holey Tights

I bought the Patagonia Women’s Capilene Thermal Weight Bottoms for my AT thru-hike as camp pants in the winter. There are so many great things about these bottoms (great fit, really comfy, don’t hold odor), but I can’t recommend them for one reason: the seam quality – once you get a hole, it’s over, folks.   Continue reading “Gear Review: Patagonia Thermal Bottoms”