Gear Review: ExOfficio Camisole

My favorite hiking shirt ever

I love the Give-N-Go Shelf Bra Camisole by ExOfficio. It is my year-round go-to, and I often recommend it.


  • It takes a REALLY long time for this to start smelling. Long after all my other clothes were reeking, tossed, and replaced, this camisole kept going. I had it for about a year before I started the A.T., and my first cami lasted until the end of Pennsylvania, which is quite a feat. My second one (I bought the exact same one) lasted through the rest of the trail and winter backpacking.
  • I was not gentle with this shirt, and it help up like a champ. It was drenched in storms, covered in mud, streaked with salt lines from sweat, snagged on tree branches and shelter nails, washed with filthy clothes, put through the high heat cycle on a dryer multiple times, washed and line dried in a swamp, and so much more. It barely stretched and had maybe two small snags the whole time.
  • It’s lightweight (just 3.3 oz) and super breathable. It was really the only top I wore at all during those hot summer months. I would wash it in a stream every few days and it would be perfect to wear again after 45 minutes or so safety-pinned to my pack to dry.
  • The straps are adjustable and it comes with a built-in shelf bra. Note: there’s zero modesty, ladies, and if you have a larger chest, this won’t offer support. Yeah, I’m not blessed with that issue.


  • There really aren’t any cons for me. Again, it’s not a modest top (although the black color hides that well enough), and it’s not going to offer support for women with bigger chests.
  • The price may seem a little steep, but it is 100% worth it.

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